Custom Made silicone lanyards


The Custom Made Silicone Lanyards from Soy Candles By Alysha is the ideal fusion of fashion and practicality for daily use. Based in Australia, our lanyards are meticulously crafted, offering a unique personalization option for residents in Perth and beyond.

With the ability to customize your lanyard, our product stands out in the market. Choose from various colors, designs, and even fragrances for future refills, ensuring a personalized experience each time. Whether you’re looking for a lanyard in Perth for personal use or bulk orders for your team or events, we’ve got you covered.

These silicone lanyards are durable, lightweight, and comfortable, ensuring practicality without compromising style. The option to select different fragrances for refills adds versatility and a touch of individuality.

Experience convenience and style with Soy Candles By Alysha’s custom made silicone Lanyards. Explore our range, place single or bulk orders, and enjoy worldwide delivery, making us the go-to choice for your lanyard needs in Australia and beyond.


Product Benefits:

Personalized Elegance: Make a fashion statement with our Custom Made silicone lanyards, marrying style and utility. Highlight your personality by selecting from the wide variety of colors, designs and scents available to ensure a lanyard that accurately depicts you.

Tailored to You: From Perth or anywhere else, our custom made silicone lanyards are built to suit individual tastes. Personalize them for your own use or purchase in mass quantities to customise the basics of you and your team’s daily lives.

Durable and Lightweight: Our lanyards are durable and resilient. Carefully designed for a long period of use, they are sturdy and lightweight allowing them to tag along as you access your daily adventures without burdening your pace.

Comfort Redefined: Sit comfortably with our silicone lanyards. Find the perfect balance between flexibility and comfort, making them great for long term usage but not compromising on style.

Product Specifications:

Material: Premium Silicone

Weight: Lightweight for Easy Wear

Size: Adjustable for a Perfect Fit

Key Features:

Versatile Customization: Choose from a wide pallet of colours and designs to suit your personality.

Fragrance Options: Personalize your lanyard by choosing one of the many delightful fragrances available.

Perfect for Events: Lanyards are ideal for bulk purchases and can be used as the best accessory during team-building events or corporate gatherings.

Alysha’s Soy Candles By takes pride in providing a truly unique accessory for your necessities not only within convenient reach but adds an element of elegance to any outfit every day. Order your custom made silicone lanyard in Perth today, and find the ease of use that sets us apart in Australia, as well as around the globe.


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