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Introducing our exquisite Frangipani scented soy candles, handcrafted to perfection, right here in Perth! Elevate your space with the irresistible allure of these large, fragrant candles. Embrace nature’s goodness with our natural soy wax candles, carefully curated for an authentic experience.

Experience pure tranquility as the Frangipani fragrance wafts through your home, evoking memories of tropical paradise. Our candles are more than just a scent; they’re an escape, offering relaxation and serenity after a long day. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly, ensuring guilt-free indulgence in every burn.

Whether it’s a single candle for your cozy nook or bulk orders for special occasions, we’ve got you covered! With global delivery options, everyone can experience the magic of our handcrafted soy candles. Shop online now and discover the best Frangipani soy candles in Perth, bringing nature’s bliss to your doorstep!

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Product Benefits:

Serenity in Every Scent: Enjoy the soothing aroma of our Frangipani-infused soy candles. Delicately made in Perth, these candles are not just about scent they create a peaceful environment that transforms your space into an island of peacefulness.

Natural Goodness Unleashed: Experience the goodness of nature with our natural soy wax candles. Curated carefully to ensure authenticity, these candles bring the benefits of soy into your home for a guilt-free indulgence every time you light it up.

Escape to Tropical Paradise: Frangipani, the alluring scent of blossoms will take you to a dreamy island paradise. With every candle, remember the days at sun-kissed beaches and gentle breezes as you turn your space into a haven of relaxation and nostalgia.

Environmentally Friendly Elegance: We are as concerned about the environment as we care for quality. Indulge in the luxury of our candles with a clear conscience because they are all environmentally friendly.

Product Specifications:

Scent: Frangipani
Material: Natural Soy Wax
Size: Large
Crafted: Handcrafted in Perth
Delivery: Global Options Available

Key Features:

Handcrafted Perfection: Clean and fresh Each candle is carefully crafted by hand in Perth, ensuring perfection not only in appearance but also olfactory pleasure.

Versatile Options: Be it an individual candle for a small room or large batches for events, we offer flexible options to cover all requirements.

Global Delight: Our candles don’t stay in Perth only, they go around the world for taking magic of Frangipani-filled joy to your doorstep.


Embark on the enchantment of our Frangipani Bliss Soy Candles in Perth, where world-class making comes together with nature’s comfort. With each burn, turn your space into a sanctuary of stillness and let the fragrance transport you to dreams of tropical paradise. Shop online right now and find the best Larger soy candles in Perth, that brings nature’s happiness to your home!


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