Coffee lovers lanyard


Introducing Soy Candles By Alysha’s Coffee Lovers Lanyard, designed for those who cherish their coffee and seek convenience on the go. Crafted with Australian quality, our lanyard is a stylish and practical accessory for coffee enthusiasts in Perth and beyond.

You can easily carry your favorite reusable coffee cup while running errands or commuting with our Coffee Lovers Lanyard. This durable and adjustable lanyard is a perfect fit for those wanting to add a touch of functionality to their daily coffee routine.

Not only do we offer lanyards in Perth and across Australia, but we also provide the option to choose different fragrances for refills in the future. Embrace the versatility by selecting your preferred scents, ensuring your lanyard remains as fresh as your coffee.

Whether for personal use or bulk orders, our worldwide delivery service ensures you get all the benefits of your beloved coffee fix. Experience convenience and style with Soy Candles By Alysha’s Coffee Lovers Lanyard – the ultimate accessory for coffee lovers.


Product Benefits:

Convenience On the Go: Alysha’s Coffee Lovers Lanyard is a great creation for those who like to enjoy their coffee while on the go. Carry your favorite reusable coffee cup wherever you go, so that your caffeine fix is always at hand.

Stylish Functionality: Upgrade your usual coffee routine with our sturdy and customizable lanyard. It does not only give your accessories a sense of style but also improves their efficacy, making it an ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts in Perth and beyond.

Fragrance Variety: Besides the convenience, our lanyard has further advantages in that you can opt for different fragrances when refilling them later. Individualize your experience by picking scents that will enhance your personal preference, ensuring both the lanyard and coffee are freshened up.

Worldwide Delivery: You can enjoy the benefits of Alysha’s Coffee Lovers Lanyard regardless whether you are ordering for your personal use or in bulk – we have a worldwide delivery service to make sure coffee lovers all around the world get what they need. Order now and enjoy your favourite coffee whenever, wherever you want.

Features Specifications:

These beautiful Lanyards are a great way to make your work or school wear more stylish and help keep all your keys etc neat and easy access.

Safety Breakaway Clasp
High Quality Clasp: Gold
Material: Polyester + Faux Leather
Length: 110cm
Total Length: 55cm from top to bottom clasp.

Key Features:

On-the-Go Comfort: Make it easy to carry your coffee hands free for other things.
Fashionable Design: Flaunt your coffee addiction by adding a cool accessory to it.
Reusable and Sustainable: Use a cup combined with lanyard to actively help the environment.
Perfect Gift: Perfect gift for coffee aficionados, enhancing their daily routines with a touch of opulence.

Find the ideal combination of design and practicality in Alysha’s Coffee Lovers Lanyard in Perth. Whether you are in Perth Australia or any part of globe spins, elevate your coffee experience. Enjoy an extraordinary journey with every sip, order now.


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